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  1. Hi Maggie my name is Daniel Alejandro Romano and I am the Marketing Manager of to launch in a couple of weeks.

    We created to provide solutions to entrepreneurs/bloggers/experts/lecturers/educators to share their Knowledge in the form of an Interactive Course /Online Consulting, Market it and if they want also Monetize it.

    I would like to send you a some more info that can be of your interest and also if you want you can apply online for our beta launching invitations

    Waiting for your positive feedback.
    Thank you very much.

    PS: Please do not publish this comments, and I apologize for doing it from here but I couldn’t find another way to reach you.

  2. Thanks for the message about Cardiff Online – we look forward to bringing you all online conference coverage from Cardiff IATEFL.

    To take part and follow the conference go to the Cardiff Online website at

    We’d like to encourage ELT bloggers and Teacher Associations around the world to carry a link to Cardiff Online on their TA website or blog so we can spread the message and encourage more people to take part in Cardiff Online.

    If you’re interested in helping us spread the word, go to

    Thanks and hope to meet you all on Cardiff Online!

    Julian Wing
    British Council Cardiff Online Project Manager

  3. 18/04/2009
    Full-Time PhD Student (Public and Development Management)
    C/O School of Public Management and Planning
    University of Stellenbosch
    P.O. Box 610
    Bellville, Cape Town
    South Africa, 7535
    Cell: 0849557060 or 082 2221572
    E-mail: or
    My name is Patrick Thando Jonas. I was born on 26 March 1968, in Uitenhage, Eastern Cape. Although I come from a very poor family, I am an ambitious person, self-starter and a visionary. I am also an absolute perfectionist and an unflinching disciplinarian. Currently I study fulltime a PhD at the School of Public Management and Planning at University of Stellenbosch. I have fifteen years teaching experience, ten years at schools of learners with special needs. I taught at Nompumelelo School for the Mentally Challenged in Guguletu, Cape Town, specializing in Literacy, Numeracy and Technical Training, as well as at Eureka Youth Care Centre. I then went on to lecture Public Management in the Business Faculty at Cape Peninsular University of Technology for two years. During that period I studied part-time and obtained my ADPA in 2000 and MPA in Public and Development Management in 2005 at University of Stellenbosch. My Master’s thesis was: “The Governance of Public Special Schools in the Western Cape”. In 2007 I then registered for PhD and am currently conducting research on “A Balanced Score-card for Monitoring and Evaluation of Governance and Development of Public Schools in Western Cape South Africa”. My other research interest is “A Multi-dimensional Approach to Training and Development of ‘Troubled’ and Disadvantaged Youth in South Africa”.
    “Turning Education and Schools Around”
    Throughout my involvement with educational related matters, generally about 17 years, I have always confronted poor and inadequate outcomes especially in public schools in townships and rural areas, referred to as disadvantaged education. This is what ultimately led me, in 2004, to take up a research study for my Master’s degree on the “The Governance of Public Special Schools”. It entailed a comparative analysis of formally disadvantaged and poor schools and the advantaged and well-resourced schools. Although this study was undertaken in Western Cape, it represents a microcosm of the broader situation throughout the country. The study results reflected a very appalling picture, particularly on the side of the disadvantaged schools. However, I then went on to present a paper on my findings at a bi-annual conference for the National Association for Learner Support and Development (NALSD) at the invitation of the Department of Education.

    Despite the fact that South Africa has good policy and legislative frameworks on education and there is enough funding by government at national level, although a huge amount of allocation goes to educators and staff salaries, year after year and with all resources expended, the results and outcomes are never satisfactory. Reports after reports and studies undertaken confirm a continuous decline in standards and quality of outcomes. Common factor always being the inadequacy of management and low capacity especially at institutional and school level. The standard of governance and development in public schools also is major cause of concern and more especially among schools for special needs education. Although special schools are designated under the South African Schools Act (Act 84 of 1996) as Section 21 schools, most are still run as ‘spaza-shops’ and there is absolutely inadequate monitoring and evaluation despite so much funds and resources being allocated to these schools, and this also has a negative implication on the principles of good governance and on Public Finance Management Act (Act 1 of 1999).

    Globally, from the Dakar Framework for Action (2000), the Millennium Development Goals, and the UNESCO Declaration on universal access to equal and quality education for all, to nationally, the National Education Policy (1996), the South African Schools Act, Education White Paper 2: The Organisation, Governance and Funding of Schools (1996), Education White Paper 6: Building an Inclusive Education and Training System (2001), and many other pieces of legislation in South Africa, all call for provision and improvising the standards and quality of education for all children including children with special educational needs. The Department of Education also adopted in 1996 a ‘Corporate Plan’ which included an action strategy to monitor and evaluate policy implementation and the achievement of national norms and standards in the education system. Despite this, there has been very little visible action to improve quality due mainly to gross incapacity in policy implementation within both the department and schools.

    In conclusion, in order to improve the situation, I intend to pursue three projects which are very close to my heart. These include the current PhD research, to develop a “Balanced Score-card for Monitoring and Evaluation of Governance and Development of Public Schools”. This is an instrument to measure and enhance quality and standards of public education through improving school governance and Development. The second is the Professional Educators Network (PEN), an NGO and a voluntary network for all professionally inclined educators. It will apply open evaluation and reward merits on performance. The third is the establishment of Excella-20 centres in towns and rural communities to assist Grade 11 and 12 learners in effective learning.
    The fact of the matter is that in South Africa, and I learnt through experience, in order to be successful in pursuing project and getting recognition and support from relevant stakeholders, it is important that you have a particular profile, and so I dedicated myself to building a good rapport and academic profile that will help me succeed in this noble endeavour.
    I have subsequently also applied for a one year Harvard-Mandela/Rhodes Fellowship Programme for 2010-2011, starting in September 2010. I hope that my application will be successful. The Harvard scholarship will help my research as I intend to further study and develop the Balanced Score-card (BSC) for adaptability and implementation in all public schools. I will also study how this BSC could be computerised for electronic administration and management. Currently, the Harvard Business School has a short programme on Developing Balanced Score-cards. I also hope to advance my Public Policy and Education Management knowledge by attending short courses as a Special Student.
    However I am currently facing a very difficult struggle; often I spend days studying at university for on empty stomach and with no one to help. I have not been funded at university and I did not get a bursary. In order to complete my study by June 2010 and graduate in December 2010, I desperately need the following detailed items:
    • Lap top computer – R 4000
    • Data projector – R 4500
    • Second hand car (for research travelling) – R 30 000
    • Video camera – R 3500
    • Stationery – R 1500
    • Travelling (fuel) – R 2000
    • Accommodation – R 2500
    • Catering/food – R 2000
    TOTAL: R 49 000
    I really would appreciate you assistance towards the attainment of these needs and objective.
    Yours Truly
    Patrick Thando Jonas (Student no.: 13260588)

  4. Hi Maggie,

    I’d like to let you know about Intodit, a free and flexible hosted Wiki service that allows users to drag and drop content, including text, photos, and videos with a focus on ease of use. I think readers of School 2.0 in SA would be interested in what it can do.

    Our main goal was to create something that people could use to share information in a flexible and easy way. Most of our users state that they prefer our Wiki service to others because it is user friendlier and provides the best of both a Wiki and a social networking service.

    One of our users sums it up best: “With other services it’s too difficult for non-members to contribute to the conversation or just not user friendly enough. Intodit on the other hand, seems to be very simple and provides the best of both worlds.”

    If you like to play around just visit or with username test and password test.



  5. Hi Maggie,

    We at recently came across your blog and were excited to share with you an article “50 Really Cool Online Tools for Science Teachers” was recently published on our blog at ( and we hoped that you would be interested in featuring or mentioning it in one of your posts. Please let us know if you have any concern.

    Thanks for your time,

    Jasmine Hall

  6. Hi Maggie,

    Would love to get in touch to discuss our new startup we’re launching here in Cape Town –

    Look forward to hearing from you.


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