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What is social Bookmarking or Tagging?

Social Bookmarking is an easy way to save your favourite bookmarks online and share it with others.

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There are quite a few different social bookmarking platforms to choose from depending on your preferences. My favourite is, but see other great ones….Maybe we can share at a later stage which one works the easiest…

The idea is that you quickly bookmark a page you like, give it a Keyword or Tag and  a description. You can allocate it to more than one Tag/category and view it either in a cloud (which the more topical tags being bigger), or in a list (if you are a more linear kind of person)

You can also create a network with others, that are interested in the same things you are, people can even subscribe to your bookmarks (see RSS) It is even possible to post bookmarks to the people in your network.

For a really great “local” explanation on Delicious, why we should use it and how to use it, see Pam’s blog:

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